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1360 Lower Water St. Halifax, NS

Call 902-407-3060 for reservations.

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Disclaimer: Menu items may differ from what is offered in the restaurant without notice.

Small Plates & Shareables
Meze Board$19

grilled pita, olives, hummus, mhumra, magdeuce, mediterranean cheese, olives & pickles


fermented baby eggplant stuffed with peppers, walnuts & garlic in olive oil

Fattoush Salad$10

romaine, tomato, cucumber, fried bread, goats cheese, red onion, mint vinaigrette


puree of roast red peppers, walnuts, & onions

Squash Frittas$11

spiral tempura butternut squash, spiced yogurt, honey, pistachio

Pork Belly & Steamed Bun$16

braised pork belly, steamed bun, hoisin glaze, cilantro, lotus root

French Toast Burger Trio$15

savory French toast, AAA sirloin, brie, carmelized onions, maple smoked pork, house bbq

Gnocchi, Blue Cheese, & Duck confit$14

handmade gnocchi, blue cheese mornay sauce, caramelized onions, duck confit

Mushroom Ragu Crostini$8

marsala wine mushroom ragu, blue cheese, thyme, garlic oil

Beets & Taratore$9

roasted beets, cilantro tahini sauce

Moraccan Couscous Salad$11

Lamb Kafta & Torched Cinnamon Incense$13

lamb kafta on cinnamon stick skewers, garlic yogurt, fresh mint

Ringalos Fried Chicken & Maple Syrup$14

ringalo crusted chicken thighs drizzled with local maple syrup


hand-cut classic French fries & aFrite house mayo

Truffle Frites$9

hand-cut classic French fries tossed in truffle, parmesan, parsley

Spicy Singapore Udon$18

stir-fried curry udon noodles, tandoori pork belly, shrimp, red pepper, bean sprouts

Ginger Beef Flank Steak$16

ginger-garlic marinated flank steak served medium rare

Sweet Potato and Salt Cake with Thai Massamam Curry$12

sweet potato and salt cod fish cake, thai massamam curry, coconut creme, basil, peanut, pickled carrot, garlic oil, basil oil

Bone Marrow & Clams$21

bone marrow, Atlantic clams, white wine cream, bacon, tarragon, toast

Shrimp Taco$7

sauteed shrimp, creamed savoy cabbage, smoked pork loin, corn, red pepper, cured yolk

Veal & Foie Gras Meatballs$19

baked veal & foie gras, tomato jam, parsnip frites

Saturday & Sunday Only. 10am - 3pm
Fried Chicken & Waffles$16

fried chicken, buttermilk waffle, chorizo gravy, micro greens

Steak & Eggs$20

6 oz striploin, chimichurri, 2 eggs, hash browns, arugula salad

The Cheater’s French Toast $14

local sourdough french toast, strawberry rhubarb compote, cinnamon cream cheese icing, amaretto syrup, grapefruit & lime zest

Bibimbap Brunch Bowl$16

fried egg, kimchi, jeyuk bokkeum, scallion, cucumber, carrot, bean sprouts, hash browns tossed in soya sauce and sesame seeds

Eggs Benedict$16

choice of ham, smoked salmon, or mushroom, served with Hollandaise sauce & hash browns

Traditional Breakfast$12

2 eggs, hash browns, toast, and your choice of either house-smoked Applewood bacon, local breakfast sausage or ham

Coconut Rice Pancakes$8

gluten-free vegan pancakes with berry compote & amaretto syrup

Meze Breakfast Board$21

shareable traditional Mediterranean breakfast

The “EDBD” End of Day Brunch Dish$22

fried chicken, buttermilk waffle, chorizo gravy, maple syrup, 2 pouched eggs, smoked bacon, buffalo hollandaise, microgreens

Monday Only. 5pm - 10pm
Middle Eastnern Monday's$35

Set Menu (prix fixe)


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1360 Lower Water St.
Halifax, NS
Mon - 5pm -10pm
Tues - Closed
Wed - 5pm-10pm
Thurs - 5pm-10pm
Fri - 5pm-10pm
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