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1360 Lower Water St. Halifax, NS

MARCH 22 – 28, 2018
The Apple Burger$15

5oz beef patty, House-made applewood smoked bacon, chipotle apple butter, old cheddar, sliced apple, arugula, red onion

Dirty Truck Stop Cheeseburger + Poutine$15

5oz beef patty, processed cheese slice, sautéed onion, relish, ketchup mustard

The Server Burger$15

Southern fried chicken, blue cheese coleslaw, buffalo sauce, pumpkin seeds, pickle, red onion

D Cook’s Burger$15

5oz beef patty, bocconcini, caramelized onions, sundried tomato, spinach

Dear Cod in Heaven Burger$15

Tidehouse Goth Stout battered Cod loin, caper mayo, lemon zest, dill pickle boston lettuce, red onion

Porto Pesto Burger$15

Balsamic grilled Portobello mushroom, double cream brie, kale & walnut pesto, arugula, red onion

The Stickhandler Burger$15

5oz beef & Brother's pepperoni mix patty, old chedder, hickory sticks, honey mustard, boston lettuce, dill pickle, red onion

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1360 Lower Water St.
Halifax, NS
Wednesday 5pm – 10pm
Thursday 5pm – 10pm
Friday 5pm – 12am
Saturday 5pm – 12am
Sunday 10am – 3pm

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